The Journey


New Beginnings


William Mason                                                                                                                                                               May 12, 2008

As I ponder what has gone before

and where I am today,

I yearn for a new beginning …

for my tears to be wiped away.

In these moments of heart-felt reflection

my soul comes to understand

Life’s choices include consequences,

certain, though often unplanned.


And thus my mind commences to search

for answers to ease the pain:

O, God, how I want to begin again

is my constant, soulful refrain.

But the flow of time cannot be reversed,

and my eyes, in time, must close,

So ensnared am I, with nowhere to turn,

my sorrow to carry alone.


My heart, however, is unimpressed

by my mind’s imperfect view,

And seizes the moment to teach me a truth …

to inspire, to reason anew:

New beginnings are real, offered freely to all —

From Eternity’s Hearth they do flow.

So I’ll trust in Him, the healer of all,

then by grace He will make me whole.

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