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William Mason                                                                                                                                                               June 5, 2007

Like dandelion seeds

dancing within a gentle, autumn breeze

Across an open field

poised to receive and encourage new life,

Images of you,

each holding within itself renewal’s promise,

Dance across a yearning heart

within the warm, soft breeze of my memory.


Absorbed by every moment,

I am amazed, full of joy, and richly blessed:

Because two work as one,

others find shelter from an indifferent world.

Children are taught

to ride a bike, sow and reap — imagine and believe.

“We are not yet complete,” you whisper …

and as winter wanes, a new life emerges.


As for dandelion seeds —

potential realized is potential tended, nurtured,

And even when unseen

the Nurturer’s hand is there, permeating all.

Memories, too,

can become the genesis for hope rediscovered —

Seeds of renewal that,

when pondered within a fertile heart, bring new life.

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