The Journey




William Mason                                                                                                                                                                       May 8, 2007

More felt than heard,

a whisper plumbs the deep, dark waters of my soul

and resonates throughout:

Gentleness, for a time, stills the chaos of the storm;

reassurance disperses the darkness of the depths.



“And forget not, noble son,

in mine own image wast thou created;

therefore, thou shalt not be left comfortless:

Because thou art written in our heart,

we shall remain with thee always.” ( 1 )



Heavenward, I lift my eyes:

God is my home, my origin and destination.

And though my journey’s path leads beyond the light,

my course is set: I shall not yield to darkness or storm —

for the fruit of faith is hope, redemption, and fullness of joy.

(1) This is not a quote from scripture; the words are my own, and they do represent my heart-felt conviction that we have Eternal Parents, meaning both Father and Mother — which is why the words “our” and “we” are used.

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