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Summarizing: An Important Skill

Writing a Summary Overview

Keys to Effective Summaries




01 New Mexico May Honor Space Aliens


02 Australians Told to Eat Kangaroo Meat to Help Fight Global Climate Change


03 Chinese Pandas Fed Homemade Chicken Soup to Fight Off Holiday Stress


04 Musical Training Makes Kids Smarter


05 Strange Fish Found Thriving Five Miles Deep in Pacific Ocean


06 Mars Lander FInds Minerals Suggesting Water on Mars in the Past


07 Portable Nuclear Hot Tubs Could Power America


08 U.S. Space Tourist to Make Second Trip into Orbit


09  USS Grunion


10 Digit Library Surpasses Goal


11 Astronaut Says Global Warming is Bunk


12 Yuck! Few Cover Coughs and Sneezes


13 King Arthur's Roundtable Found


14 Diamonds Found in Candle Flames



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