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The links to the left offer information about individual classes as well as links to a variety of student resources. Below you will find links to overviews of each course and information that applies to all of my students, regardless of the specific class in which you may be enrolled. All students will be held responsible for knowing all of the material below.


Academic / Instructional Standards


To My Students

Teaching Philosophy     ««


I operate on a simple premise: It is better to teach a man how to fish so he can feed himself rather than giving him a fish in order to satisfy his immediate hunger.


What does that mean? Simply this: If you have questions, I expect you to ask them because smart people ask questions; however, whenever possible, I will give you the tools you need to find the answers for yourself rather than giving you the answers.


Are there exceptions? Absolutely. But for the most part, I will give you the tools you need and will then expect you to find your own answers.


Why? If I give you an answer, you will not remember it because you will not have earned it — in other words, the answer will not be yours; but if you discover the answer yourself, you will own the answer for life and you will have learned an important life lesson.


Core Values:


(1) The search for TRUTH is life's most noble quest. (2) Growth occurs only in the soil of LIBERTY. (3) Without CHARITY we are nothing. (4) To conform to that which one knows to be true and right is the best test of one's HONOR and character. (5) To do one's best is all that can be expected — and it is expected, for that is the very definition of EXCELLENCE.


Language Arts

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