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The links to the left offer information about individual classes as well as links to a variety of student resources. Below you will find links to overviews of each course and information that applies to all of my students, regardless of the specific class in which you may be enrolled. All students will be held responsible for knowing all of the material below.


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Behavioral Expectations


Class Rules      ««


The rules are simple.


Respect each other and the teacher. This means you are to keep your hands to yourselves and watch your language. Insults and foul language will not be tolerated. This does not mean you can't tease — I like a good tease once in a while: It does, however, mean you cannot be derogatory or hurtful. And the truth is you know when you've crossed the line — and so will I.


Do not talk unless given permission to speak.


Respect school property and the property of others. Don't trash the classroom or anything in it. If you wouldn't do it to your own property or in your own home, then don't do it in my classroom or on school grounds.


Come to class prepared to work and learn. This includes having proper materials (paper, pencils, pens, etc.) and having completed any assignments that are due.




Politely obey all directions given to you by the teacher, a staff member, or a substitute, even if you do not agree with the direction given. If there is a problem, we will discuss it at the appropriate time.


DO NOT miss an assigned detention. A missed detention will result in another detention on top of the one originally assigned.


When performing Internet searches, Wikipedia and WikiAnswers are NEVER allowed as sources. Anyone caught using these sites will receive a detention.


Obey all school rules.


Consequences of Ignoring Class Rules


Required Materials and Supplies; Technology Expectations


Materials and Supplies

Required Technology Skills

Required Technology Hardware


Teacher, Student, Parent Communication


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